E-Tourist Visa India

India has beautiful attractions towards holiday gateways therefore so many tourists across the globe come to visit a wide range of beaches, backwaters, heritage, culture, and wildlife. Thus Indian government has launched e-tourist visa to India for short term and long term visits. Duration of e-tourist is one month for short term visits for yoga etc. You can also apply for One year and Five years tourist visa to India in case if you are frequent flyers to India. Maximum stay allowed in electronic tourist visa in India is Six months in the period of visa validity.

Below we have mentioned regular questions that travelers have in mind about e tourist visa for India.

What is the difference between e-visa and paper visa to India?

There are two ways to apply for a visa to India, One is old traditional way where you need to walk down to VFS global offices nearby to you and submit your documents, application, pictures etc. The other and easy way to apply e-visa to India is via online application form which takes 4 to 6 business days to give you permit so that you can enter in India via 28 airport and 5 seaports.

Indian government presented e-tourist visa to make it a simple process for the international travelers of 180 countries. It has also helped to increase tourism in the country. E-tourist visa is an easy and simple way to apply instead of lengthy process of paper visa to India. To apply for e-visa you don’t need to walk down and submit your document rather you can upload everything online with your correct information.

What are the types of E-Tourist Visa?

There is a wide range of e-tourist Visa category and sub categories designed as per the requirements of travelers. Below we have mentioned e-tourist visa types and values.

eTourist Visa (for 30 Days) has been presented by Indian tourist visa online, official for short programs like yoga or short term visits for tourism purposes. To obtain eTourist visa for 30 days you need to fill the same application form by uploading your picture scanned image and you passport scanned image. Please mention correct information of your Hotel if booked or your relative details and address of your stay. Places to be visited in India have to be updated with correct information.

RECREATION/SIGHT-SEEING is also a sub-category of e-tourist visa which has been presented for short term and long term holiday plans. You can also apply one year and five years visa for recreation and sightseeing .In this category of visa you are allowed to stay maximum for 6 months in India. After 6 months you need to visit your home country for one month at least. While being in the territory with e-tourist visa you are not allowed to earn from public funds or to do any kind of business in the country. To obtain visa for recreation and sightseeing you need to fill the same form with the same documentation but in the application you need to mention places you would be visiting in India your entry/exit dates and airports or seaports. Please mention all hotel details of places you are visiting. You can enter from 28 airports and 5 seaports and exit from any ICPs check post of India.

SHORT TERM YOGA PROGRAMME visas have been presented for tourists coming to India for their yoga programs in India. India has given birth to yoga. In history yoga can be traced from ages or over 4000 years. India also has the best spots with refreshed and rejuvenated atmosphere for yoga which attracts millions of tourists across the globe to have healthy routine in India. Process is the same and you can apply for one month, one year and five years. Please don’t forget to mention address of Ashram and reference names in India you know.

You can also obtain Short Term courses e-visa for Music, Dance, Art & Craft, Pharmacy or Medical, Languages etc. You can’t do long term diplomas or degree with e-visa for short term courses.  Course shouldn’t be more than 6 months and also shouldn’t be qualifying diploma or certificate etc. The rest procedure is same; e-visa for short courses shouldn’t involve any payment or kind in return.

For long term courses or business setup B1 visas kindly call our support team.

How to apply online for you e-tourist visa to India or tourist India visa?

  • It is very simple to apply for Indian e tourist visa rather than applying for old traditional paper visa to India. Though it keeps same value almost. You need to read carefully below mentioned things to apply for Indian e-tourist visa.
  • Kindly fill online application form given in the website Fill out all the details very carefully, like a passport number, address etc.
  • Mention hotel name in case you booked or else your relative/ friend’s details and address details are required.
  • Mention all details about places to be visited in India and hotels during your stay in India. 
  •  Please review your all details before submitting to final preview.
  • Photo has to be without glasses straight face looking into the camera. Your ears shouldn’t be covered.
  • Your picture has to be current colored picture of yourself with light or white background.
  • Please upload any size picture in JPEG format. 
  • Please upload scanned image of passport bio page or information page.
  • Kindly provide documents again in clear picture if required by Indian High Commission. 
  • Payment/ cost/ Price of tourist India visa has to be with a Credit card or Debit card only. 
Processing time for Paper tourist visa to India?

Once you submit your document it takes 20 to 30 business days minimum to know updated status of visa.

Note: e-visa to India doesn’t give you permission to enter in Indian Territory. At the time of immigration your entry is completely depends upon Indian High commission rules and regulations. In case of any false information found India high commission has rights to depot you back or deny your entry.

Frequently Asked Question

Processing time for e-tourist visa India takes?

Processing time to e-visa will be in 4 to 6 business days. But if in case you need urgent visa due to any emergency kindly call our support team and provide necessary information. Application form and formalities will be same. You might need to provide proof of urgency and the fee for urgent visa will be different as well. There should be at least a time for 48 hours minimum in your travel and your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months.

How to apply paper tourist visa to India?

If your nationality doesn’t land into online visa permitted countries or you hold any travel document you need to apply paper visa to India. In this case you can call our support team to assist you in filling up the form online until you appointment in VFS global offices nearby situated to your place. Applying paper visa to India is a lengthy way than online visa to India but with the help of our support team you can make it easy.

Requirements for paper tourist visa to India?

With the help of support team you can correctly fill the Indian tourist visa online application form designed by India high commission; once form is complete we will fix your appointment to nearby VFS Global office. Please bring with yourself advised documents by the experts over the phone.

How to visit India with e-tourist Visa?

India ETA will be sent to you via email in PDF file attachment with your picture printed and bar code down to it. It will have your passport details and authorization stamped by India High commission. You need to take a color print out of Indian tourist e visa to show at the time of immigration. It will be electronically attached to your passport once granted until the validity of visa applied. If it is a multiple entry visa same procedure will be followed on every entry. Make sure the status of your visa is granted before travel.

Duration of Paper tourist visa to India?

You can obtain Paper Visa for
o 1 month tourist visa India
o 2 month tourist visa India
o 3 month tourist visa India
o 6 month tourist visa India
o 1 year tourist visa India
o 5 year tourist visa India
o 10 year tourist visa India