E Business Visa India

Apart from tourist destinations, India has the largest scope of business as its growing economy attracts investors and businessmen around the world to expand their businesses. So for short term business visits, business meetings, and business setup or for business hiring Indian government has designed an e business visa. However, with an e-business visa, you can’t earn from public funds of India but you can apply for an e business visa for initial visits for setup business or industry. Once the business is set up you can apply for a B1 business visa to India with our experts or customer support by calling us.

E business provides you multiple entry business visas in India for one year. Now days so many multinational companies are looking to set up businesses in India after look at the economy growth wherein a business visa to India helps you to send your employees from different countries to India for short term training or business deals with the help of e-business visa. E-business visa is a completely online and fast/hassle-free process than a regular paper business visa to India. Though e-business visa is for short visits only it is very easy to obtain by filling online electronic form via the website.

The Indian government has designed an e-business visa to India in subcategories to make it easy for business travelers visiting India for different purposes. Below we have mentioned suitable categories with the explanation of usage.

Benefits Of E Business Visa

In the growing economy of India in IT, sale, purchase, trade, and industrial expansions all foreigner companies and individuals are investing on a bigger scale in India. So e-business visas helped international business travelers of 167 countries to visit for the below-mentioned purposes of business travel to India.

  • E-business visa to India for Business or Industrial Setup: You can obtain an e-business visa to India If you are looking to set up a BUSINESS or INDUSTRIAL venture You can apply for a one-year multiple entry business visa India by filling up the online Indian business application form for an e-business visa to India on our website or by calling our support team. It is mandatory to put in the information for the company or person you are going to meet in India. By applying with your correct information like your details, address details, professional details along with your picture and scanned image of your passport bio page or information page, you also need to provide either an invitation letter or your business card by uploading on online application form for e-business visa to India or sending us via email. 
  • E-business visa to India for Sale, Trade or Purchase: You can obtain an e-business visa to India in case you are visiting India for SALE of your ancestor’s property or any other asset. You can also use the e visa India facility for the purchase of anything like property, industry or company. E-business visa to India also helps you if you are visiting India for any Trade or Trade fairs. It is again the same process of applying online application for a visa to India but you need to mention the address or proof of sale/purchase or trade if required. Kindly don’t forget to mention references in India if you have any.
  • E-Business Visa to India for Hiring Manpower: You can obtain an e-business visa to India in case of hiring the right manpower for your expanding companies.  Foreign agencies can easily send their officials to hire or recruit staff in India by applying for an E-business visa. With the help of an Electronic Business visa, foreign organizations can send their employees multiple times for one year to hire and manage manpower in India. It is very simple to fill the electronic forms on our website under a suitable category. Apart from your address, passport or other details, we need an invitation letter from your company to apply for Indian business visa on your behalf. You can either upload it on our website or else you can send it visa email to our support team 
  • E-Business Visa to India for participating in the trade or business fairs and exhibitions: In India, there are 8 metro cities and a number of business cities which has been further divided into business Tier1, Tier2, and Tier 3 cities. So foreign companies come for participation in trade fairs and exhibitions with their products from all over the world to India, for them e-business visa is the best way to enter in the Indian Territory for one-year multiple visits. Once e-business is granted and you entered India through immigration, you are free to travel in different places of India to participate in exhibitions and trade fairs mentioned as places to visit in the application form for India e visa Business. Maximum stay in India with any e-business or e-tourist visa can’t be more than 90 days however business visitors from UK, USA, Canada, Japan. Europe and Australia can stay until 180 days. You must need to fill correct details with your scanned picture in JPG format, passport bio picture, the place to be visited in India while participating and detailed information about exhibitions, trade fairs and also your business or product details. 
  • Business E visa India for Experts in IT, Mechanical, Scientist, Doctors, etc. For short visit or Ongoing Project: E-Business visa to India is an easy and convenient process for short term visits for ongoing projects. Likewise for any ongoing project if the traveler has been asked to visit can apply for an Indian e business visa even 5 days prior to travel or if it is very urgent to go can apply an urgent business visa India by calling our support team. Traveler of 167 countries can apply e-business visa for one year with multiple visits for any technical or mechanical meetings etc. Please ask an Indian company or institute to send you an invitation letter for the same before applying for a business visa to India. 
  • E-business visa for Lectures, speeches or teachings, etc: To deliver lectures, speeches or teaching in India, you need an e-business visa under this sub-category which is designed by the Indian visa official site or Indian government to provide you a hassle-free process. If you need to travel to India to participate in seminars or spiritual lectures, speeches, and teachings under the Global Initiative For academic Networks (GYAN). Nationals of 180 countries are eligible to apply through e-business visas to visit India for one year with multiple visits but stay can’t be more than 90 if you are not the UK, USA, and Canada, Australia or Europe citizen.

How To Apply Online For India Business Visa Online?

Applying an e-business visa to India is a simple and hassle-free process instead of a paper business visa to India. Most of the business activities are covered in the India e visa business. Please read carefully below written points while applying for an e-business visa. 

  • The online application Form designed from the Indian visa official website has to be filled with all the correct details.
  • Passport details address details, places to be visited, company details or business card and invitation letter if asked by Indian high commission. 
  • Mention hotel name or information of your stay is provided in an apartment from a company in India.
  • Complete details of Indian company who invited you.
  • Re-check all your details before submitting the application.
  • The photo has to be without glasses straight face looking into the camera. Your ears shouldn’t be covered.
  • Picture of yourself shouldn’t be older than 6 months straight facing with white or light background. 
  • You can upload any size picture in JPEG format. 
  • Please upload a scanned image of the passport bio page or information page.
  • Kindly provide documents again in a clear picture if required by Indian High Commission. 
  • Payment/ Cost/ Price of visa for India have to be with a Credit card or Debit card only. 
Processing Time For E Tourist Visa India Takes?

Processing time to e-business visa will be in 4 to 6 business days. But if in case you need an urgent visa due to any emergency kindly call our support team and provide the necessary information. Application form and formalities will be the same. You might need to provide proof of urgency and the fee for an urgent visa will be different as well. There should be at least a time for 48 hours minimum in your travel and your passport has to be valid for at least 6 months.

Frequently Asked Question

How to visit India with e-business Visa?

Once you have received your e-business visa approval on your email kindly take a printout of that pdf file you received with your picture and barcode. After landing in India at the time of immigration kindly show your approved ETA to the immigration officer. Your e-business visa will be electronically connected to your passport so has to be correct details in it. Once you enter India with the permission of immigration you are free to visit places mentioned in your application.

How to apply paper business visa to India?

Once your company or industry has been set up in India and decided to live and earn in India or to earn from any public funds you need a B1 business visa or paper business visa to India. Apart from this if your nationality doesn’t come under online visa authorized countries or you hold any travel document than you must apply for a visa to India. Just give a call to our support team to assist in filling a form for a business visa to the appointment and get you an appointment of any available coming date. Once you have an appointment from the nearest VFS global office please brings your advised document by an advisor with yourself.

India Business Visa Requirements or Requirements for Paper Business Visa to India

Please speak to our support team to fill up a form designed by Indian high commission and once the form is completed, you will receive a copy on your email address. Kindly take a print out of your form and bring a self-signed copy along with pictures pasted on the top. Please visit the nearest VFS global office to submit your advised documents by the support team.

Duration Of Paper Business Visa To India:

You can apply a paper visa for one month, two months, three months, six months and one year with multiple entries.

Processing Time For Paper Tourist Visa To India?

After submission your document to VFS Global, it takes 20 to 30 business days for the next update.

Note: Granted e-business doesn’t mean that your entry in-country is permitted. It completely depends on the immigration officers at the airport. They have the right to deny entry even after approved or granted ETA.