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Visas for India

Electronic Travel Authorization India (ETA India) is an online process you can avail anytime once the visa is approved it will be electronically attached to your passport and a copy will be sent through an email to you. Visitors must have a valid passport issued from Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs with at least six months of validity.

Indian e-Visa online has been launched by Indian government to increase tourism in India for 180 countries to visit India. Nowadays, India Visa is not as difficult as earlier.

Candidates can apply India e visa in two ways, one is regular and the second one is e-visa which is hassle free service launched by India government to make easy tourist experience. Indian e-Visa is apply by 3 easy steps and hassle free process to avail for your desired purposes of travel like e-tourist visa India, e-medical visa India, e-business visa India and e-conference visa India.

Launch of

E Visa India

Indian government has started a process of launching e-tourist visa for India to increase tourism in November 2014. First it was started for 43 countries and keep on expanding the list till August 2015 with 113 countries to visit India. In April 15—- Indian government has fully launched and named it e-tourist visa for 180 countries, wherein visas for India replaced traditional ways of visa to increase tremendous tourism in the country. 

Indian e-Visa made process of getting a visa to India simple for travellers, which has given so many travelling facilities for short term and long term visa programmes like yoga, business and conferences.

Medical tourism has increased a lot with the help of e-medical visa India.

Visas for India

We have been further revised to below mentioned visa programs and categories.

E Tourist Visa India

E-tourist visa can be obtained for one month to five years with single, double of multiple entries for sightseeing, recreations, to visit family or friends and for casual visits.

E Business Visa India

E-business visa can be obtained for one month to one year with single, double or multiple entries for travel business visits or setting up a business in India.

E Conference Visa India

E-conference visa can be obtained for only one month with a single entry, Applicant must have a letter or invitation received by Government institutions to private or government events.

E Medical Attendant Visa India

E-medical attendant can be obtained by two family members of the applicant for e-medical visa and the applicant must need to attach information page of passport to show relation with patient. It is valid for 2 months with double entries.

E Medical Visa India

E-Medical visa can be obtained for one month to three months with single or double eatery for their medical treatment or medical help. However, Candidate will stay in India for short term in medical Visa.

Check Eligibility before Applying for E Visa India

  • E-tourist Visa can be applied for the purpose of Tourism, to meet family or friends, Business or business meetings, Conferences, Medical and attendant only.
  • Applicant should have a valid passport issued with at least six months of validity from Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Only ordinary passport holders can be applicable for e-visa to India.
  • Applicant should have at least 2 blank pages for visit stamp from Immigration officer at the airport.
  • Applicant should have a return ticket booked within the visa expiration or validity dates.
  • All applicants should have separate visas and passports for kids and infants too. 

Note: Electronic visa for India is not applicable to Pakistan nationals or if your parents or grandparents belong to Pakistan territory, For Diplomatic or official passport holders and for travel document and residency permits. In case if you are not eligible to apply Indian visa online Kindly call our phone number to book an appointment for visa assistance.

List of Countries Eligible to Apply E Visas for India

SingaporeSouth AfricaUnited KingdomUkraineBulgaria
AustraliaChina- SAR HongkongBrazilSwedenEast Timor
BulgariaBurundiCambodiaSwitzerlandUnited States
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Airports and Seaports Where Electronic Visa for India is Applicable

Indian E-Visa is applicable to your entry via below-given 28 designated Airports and 5 designated Seaports. In the case of the exit, visitors are allowed to take an exit from any of the authorized Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) in India.

International Airports

MumbaiNagpurPort BlairPune

International Seaports

Indian e-Visa facility is also been provided for entry at 5 major Indian seaports for cruise tourists:


Exit Points will be through all AIRPORTS, LAND ICPS, SEAPORTS, and RAIL ICPS

Things required while staying in India

  • An e-visa to India only gives permission to stay for 180 days in India within visa validity. 
  • Multiple entries are allowed within visa validity and type.
  • Once the application is submitted there will be no change or transfer allowed. 
  • At the airport while landing there should be at least 2 black pages required in passport for stamping by the immigration officer.
  • Foreign travellers are not allowed to visit or take a picture of any Protected, Kent or cantonment and restricted areas in India territory. 
  • At least six months validity on the Passport from the date of arrival in India.
  • Travellers are not allowed to carry more than 5000 USD for their cash expenses in India. 

Check Indian E Visa for India Requirements

  • Valid Passport for six months issued from Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Temporary and permanent address details. 
  • Passport size pictures scanned image. 
  • Registered Email address
  • Payment mode Credit Card/Debit Card
  • No criminal record or any legal case going on
  • In case of e-visa medical India a scanned image of letter provided by hospital to patient is required. 
  • In the case of e-business visa India a letter from India official company or business card scanned image is required. 
  • In case of e-tourist visa India names of hotels are required
  • In case you are visiting to see family and friends name, number and address is required of relatives you are visiting. 

How to Apply e-Visas for India?

Applying for an electronic visa to India is 3 easy step job. You need to fill all correct details in the application form created by Indian officials.

While applying your application you need to upload your picture with light or white background along with a passport coloured scanned image of information or bio page of the passport furthermore documents are required according to the visa type or category of visa.

After completing the visa form and uploading picture you need to make a payment for your visa according to the validity and type selected with Credit or Debit card.

Once the application is generated or submitted you will receive a unique application id which will be helpful in tracking of the application or to check status online. You can also call or send an email to check the status of your application with the application reference ID.

We will send visa within 5 to 7 working days on the registered email. Urgent visa can also be applied with the help of experts via making a phone call to support team. Make sure your visa status is “Granted” once copy of email received.

Make sure once you receive a copy of your electronic visa to India via email everything is according to the original details; In case of any corrections please give a call to support team ASAP as you need to present it to the immigration officer at the airport. The officer will only stamp it if all details are correct.

An e-visa to India is not a surety of entry in the territory of India it completely depends up the immigration officer at the airport. If in case of any doubts or incomplete information you can be depot from the airport.

How to get an e Visas for India?

There are so many reasons where in application for India visa can be rejected or dismissed by the immigration authority of India. Read carefully below mentioned few main reasons to avoid rejection of your online visa application to India. 

  • In case of any wrong or missed details.
  • In case of passport is not valid for at least 6 months.
  • In case of any important information is missed.
  • In case of wrong type of category selected. 
  • In case of different information in form and passport bio page.
  • In case of any criminal record
  • In case of Pakistan nationals.

Premium Service for Visas to India

If in case you have forgotten to apply for visas for India or in case of emergencies you to get it process urgent or fast track process. Kindly give a call to our expert on helpline number and explain the reason to travel or proof of urgencies, We will certainly help you to apply urgent visa to India. To obtain urgent visa   to India you need to complete all the requested formalities for urgent visa to India and charges will be different as well. You shall receive your urgent visa in 24 to 48 hours. 

3 Easy steps to get e-Visas for India

There is different range of sub categories of visas for India in main categories for international travelers with different duration’s to visit Indian territories.


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